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Roger Waters visits Argentina November,6 with "Us + Them Tour"

Jan. 11, 2018

Roger Waters will visit Argentina in November 2018 as part of his " Us + Them Tour", with songs from Pink Floyd and some new releases from his work as a solo artist.   

"Roger Waters - Us + Them" will include some of his most known songs from the best  Pink Floyd's albums (Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Animals, Dark Side of The Moon), alongside with songs from his latests album  "Is This the Life We Really Want?". 

The tour's title comes from the 1974 song "Us And Them", from the best selling album by  Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon. 

"We'll bring a new show on this tour", said Roger Waters. "It will be a mixture of the records during my carreer, songs from my years with  Pink Floyd and some new songs. It will probably be a 80%(older songs)- 20% (new songs) relationship, but it will all be connected. It will be a great show, I promise. It will be amazing , as all my shows have been ". 

The legendary live performances by Roger Waters are famous for they are sensorial experiences with latest generation audiovisual production and an impressive quadruple sound. This new tour is not an exception:  after months of preplanning and visionary art, it will take the audience  through a musical journey.