Estadio Único


Aug. 6, 2018

El Único will have a mixed turf system, composed by artificial (90%)and natural(10%) grass which will enable instant playability and high stability. Thus, El Único will be the first Stadium to acquire this system within the South American Football Confederation.  

The system, known as Playmaster, will be incorporated into the 6,000 existing modules which comprise the pitch. This system is a new mechanism which will work both underneath and on top of the surface: natural grass roots will grow surrounding the fibers and they will be strongly attached to the pitch. Therefore, the hybrid system will ensure a plain and stable surface with more than 150-200% hours of use.  

The staff is now working on the 6,000 modules, withdrawing the grass surface and part of the sand substrate, to level the surface afterwards.

Once this phase is over, the experts will install the carpet-based hybrid grass onto the surface of the module and then sand and seeds of natural grass will be scattered.

The system does not modify the development of natural grass and ensures the best condition of the turf.  The synthetic tissue does not contain materials which absorb water or humidity and enables  high- drainage capacity and air flow. 

Likewise, this system is already present in other stadiums of the world like Juventus Football Club (Italy) , Athletic Club ( Bilbao/ Spain) , Estadio Azteca ( México) , Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajaxel ( the Netherlands), Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (UK), Real Club Deportivo Espanyol ( Barcelona/Spain) or Girona FC (Spain), among others. El  Único will be the first stadium of the world to have  the Playmaster system onto a modular pitch.