Estadio Único


Nov. 24, 2018

Abel Pintos made 20,000 fans go crazy at his show at the La Plata Stadium.  The artist gave a concert which lasted for more than 3 hours with a mixture of rock, pop and melodic ballads.

“The La Plata Stadium is the beginning of something new in my career; it is the initial step for other stadiums in Argentina”, said Abel Pintos four years ago when he started going down his path through argentine and Latin-American stadia. The stage was located so that the audience in the field could be seated. Fans enjoyed singing"De Solo Vivir", went on with "Pájaro Cantor" and sang every song of “La Familia Festeja Fuerte” tour. 

As part of this tour, Abel visited Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, México, Spain; and in Argentina, Capital Federal, Neuquén, Mendoza, San Juan, Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fe, Corrientes.

Abel then moved on to cover "Pensar en nada" by León Gieco which caused every spectator to jump and sing to this song. When he performed "Aquí te espero", he broke into tears as a result of that immediate connection with his audience. "This is always a goodbye song but there is still a lot more”.

He was the only protagonist, for almost three hours and performed his hits "Te extraño", "Todo está en vos" "No me olvides", "La Llave", "Motivos", "Aquí te espero", "Sin principio ni final", "OnceMil". The audience accompanied with dance moves and the classic foam and confetti rain.

Abel Pintos published 11 albums, has more than 600,000 records and 13 Gardel prizes, including 3 Gold Gardel Prizes. He is one of the most famous artists of the argentine music and he will be ending the year 2018 with international shows through Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica.   

After his concert at El Único, Pintos will perform on 27-28 -29 Nov at Quality in Córdoba, before touring through Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia.