Estadio Único


The idea of the project started in 1947 when former Governor Domingo Mercante expropriated the area located between 32nd avenue and 25th avenue and built the La Plata Sports Centre.

In 1972, as La Plata was promoted as venue for the 1978 World Cup, the National Government called for the first National Draft Contest for the construction of the stadium. In 1989, the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, the La Plata City Hall, and the La Plata Football Clubs- Estudiantes and Gimnasia- set up a commission for the construction and administration of a venue, mainly used, to play soccer and practice other sports.

Thus, after analyzing several options, it was determined that the construction of the field ought to be made in the area of the Physical Education Centre N°2 given that its position and accessibility conditions were ideal. In January 1992, Law N° 11118 was passed in order to build the structure.

On April 21st ,1992 the La Plata Foundation was created; it is an institution composed of the provincial government, the La Plata City Hall and representatives of both Estudiantes and Gimnasia.

Later on, a National Draft Contest was summoned along with the Architects’ and Engineers’ College and finally, in April 1993, the prize was awarded to the argentine architect Roberto Ferreira among a total of 79 presentations.

In 1996, a law established that the provincial executive power ought to handle the administration and execution of the construction. A year after, the Project Execution Unit called a public tender to present proposals to build the structure. In 1998, the foundation stone was laid.


The construction was stopped due to economic problems and in the year 2000 a new tender was summoned so as to be able to host the opening in May 2003.

In 2008, Governor Daniel Scioli made the political decision to restart the construction to finish the stadium and to place its roof; these activities were carried out for two years along with the collocation of the central LED cube, the building of VIP boxes and stands, the disposition of new parking spaces inside the property, the lighting compatible with hi- definition TV and a movable pitch which can be disassembled within 48 hours to host other events and artistic, cultural and sports shows.


These characteristics were formally presented during the opening act which took place on the 17th of February by president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The opening act included the performance of 1200 people.